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Summer activity in Lebanon, Oregon

A Guide to Summer in Lebanon Oregon: What You Need to Know

You know that feeling when you’re excited about something, but not sure exactly what it is? That’s what being excited about summer in Lebanon feels like. Sure, we have a road into the mountains that opens in early June and closes in late September. But beyond that, locals aren’t quite sure what to expect from this summer in Lebanon.

There are some things we know for certain: The old schoolhouse will host music performances and art shows all summer long; The river running through town will get more play than ever before; And there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time outside with friends, family, and even strangers who live nearby. But where do you find these things? What days does so-and-so bring the ice cream truck? When do such-and-such open their gardens for tours? We figured it out… almost… But you’ll want to keep reading for more details on how you can make the most of summer in Lebanon this year.

The Good Stuff: What You Need to Know Before Summer in Lebanon

The good news is that the snow has melted from the mountains and the days are getting longer. That means warmer temperatures and more daylight hours. But it also means that with these two temperature-related factors, there is a greater risk for forest fires. Not only do the forests of Lebanon host a variety of trees that can easily catch fire, but with warmer temperatures, there is also less moisture in the air—which is essential for putting fires out. So before you go exploring the woods or hills, make sure you know how to protect yourself in case of a wildfire.


Trim any extra branches or grass around your property to prevent sparks from flying and reaching your home. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand, especially in the kitchen. And if you do happen to come across a wildfire, report it to your local fire department.

Lebanon Road

The main route into Lebanon is open, but caution should be exercised as some areas are still icy, especially on the edges of the road. A few spots could use some more work, but if the weather cooperates, all roads should be open by the start of the summer season. The road is closed to all motorized traffic, so if you plan to travel to or from Lebanon on foot, bike, or horseback, there are two options for accessing the road. Option 1: Park at the gate and walk up the road to the town. Option 2: Park at the gate and walk/hike up to the gate where you can drive over and into the town.

Gear Up for Camping Season

Lebanon hosts one annual festival: the Annual Historic Lebanon Logging and Sawmill Festival. This is an all-ages event that takes place over two days in early August and celebrates the logging history of the town. There’s no camping on-site, but the annual event is a fantastic opportunity for families to enjoy themselves, catch some history, and connect with their neighbors. For those looking to do a little more camping, the forested areas surrounding Lebanon are great places to set up a tent or park a camper.


Do your research before heading out. Find out which areas are open and which restrictions (like fire bans) apply. And remember: with more people enjoying the outdoors, there’s a greater chance for run-ins with wildlife.

River Activities

The river running through town is a fantastic place to cool off on a hot summer day. When the water is low, you’re likely to find a sandy bottom that’s perfect for wading. When the water is higher, you can enjoy swimming and even some kayaking.


Depending on the time of year, you may also have the opportunity to watch rafters as they go through the rapids of the nearby Wild and Scenic section of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. People have been swimming in the river since at least the 1950s, but now there are some signs of trouble in this waterway. Swimmers are encouraged to avoid contact with the water during rainstorms. Runoff from fields and lawns is filled with fertilizers and other chemicals that can harm people and aquatic life.

Cultural Events

Lebanon is home to one of the oldest libraries in the state of Oregon. This building has been a place of learning and connecting for community members for over 125 years. Throughout the summer, library staff hosts a variety of events for people of all ages. You might find a nature-related program featuring a local expert, a talk from a visiting author, or an exhibition of artwork from a local artist. The library also hosts a monthly series of events known as the “Whatsits”—a potluck dinner followed by a one-hour program.

Final Words: Wrapping up

We hope this guide to summer in Lebanon Oregon has been helpful. And we hope that you have as much fun as we expect to have this summer in Lebanon—whether you’re a local or a visitor, a kid, or an adult. And while you don’t have to be excited about the upcoming events, we hope you are excited about the process of creating your own summer tradition. Whether it’s something you do with your family or friends, or something you do on your own, the key is to find that one thing that makes summer in Lebanon special for you.

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