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Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorations for Mobile Homes

If you’re looking for budget-friendly Christmas decorations ideal for mobile homes, you’ve come to the right place! Discover easy DIY decorating ideas using free and accessible materials like fresh foliage and household items.


Getting your home to look festive doesn’t need to cost a fortune – with a little bit of creativity, some elbow grease, and basic art and craft supplies and tools, you can spruce up your place quickly and cheaply. 


If you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly Christmas decorations that are also environmentally conscious, we’ve got some great DIY ideas for you! These suggestions not only help you save money, but they also involve repurposing and recycling materials you may already have at home. Let’s work together to reduce our environmental footprint this holiday season.


Use fresh garlands and other natural materials

Instead of spending on plastic greenery decors, why not use the real thing? If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with lots of green patches, try finding greens like pine, English holly, cedar, fir, and boxwood, which you can turn into beautiful garlands and wreaths. 


To make your garlands and wreaths look more festive, add some red berries, dried orange slices, candy canes, Christmas balls, ribbons, or any decorations that you have on hand. 


Other natural holiday decorations you can use include dried pine cones (which you can spray paint with silver or gold), cedar branches (or any sprigs), eucalyptus, and certain types of hedge bushes. 


Light up your mantel 

Want to make your mantel look like those you can find in some fancy mountain resorts? If your answer is yes, get your fairy lights and hang them above your mantel to achieve this cascading effect. Next, place some thick white candles of varying height to the other side to create more balance. 


Tabletop Christmas trees

There are countless methods for this DIY project. One technique uses a styrofoam cone covered with a mismatched collection of Christmas decorations like balls, ribbons, garlands, and stars attached with hot glue. 


Another easy DIY option is to use several clear plastic cones spray painted with clear adhesive paint and decorated with some confetti. Make sure that you spray their top with white paint to resemble a snow-covered tree. 


For a more stunning Christmas decoration, consider using recycled plastic spoons to make miniature Christmas trees. To begin, remove the “handle” to leave just the “head” of the spoon. Next, spray paint them in festive colors such as silver or green. Finally, use hot glue to attach them to a cone-shaped cardboard paper to complete the tree. By following these steps, you can create a unique and eco-friendly decoration that will impress your guests. Finish it off by attaching a star to the top of the tree. 


Oversized Christmas balls 

You can paint several balloons to make them look like oversized Christmas balls. Next, cut an empty tissue roll in half, paint it with silver, and attach it to the top of a balloon so it would look like the metallic part you see in most Christmas balls. 


You can hang these oversized Christmas balls on the spandrel (FYI, it’s the space beneath the stairs), along the entryway, in the living room, or in any boring spots in your home. 


Upcycled mason jars as candle holders 

For this easy DIY project, you need these supplies: mason jars, red and green chalky paint, Christmas tree stencil, painter’s tape, scissors, paintbrushes, Epsom salt, and white bells on a string (these are optional). 


Using painter’s tape, make a Christmas tree shape with the aid of a stencil. Stick it to the front of your mason jar before painting its entire body. 


Remove tape, add Epsom salt to a mason jar, place the candle, and tie the bell with string to complete.


Final Word

DIY festive Christmas decor ideas that are simple, low-cost, and won’t break the bank. If they sound like a cool idea, please leave a comment below!


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To learn more about mobile homes in Oregon, visit our website or call us at 541-258-4030. We look forward to hearing from you!


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