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Decorating hacks for older mobile homes

Easy and Affordable Decorating Hacks for Older Mobile Homes

When decorating older mobile homes, some people opt for a new look, while others like to preserve the past. And then, there are individuals who want to maintain the character of an old home and at the same time modernize it according to their needs, bringing together its past, present, and future through design. 


To help you decorate your older mobile home without breaking the bank or doing major renovations, read our simple tips and tricks below. 


Declutter your home 

Before you remodel or decorate your home, decluttering is one surefire way to make the process easier and quicker because it gives you free DIY materials to work with and creates more space for your project. 


And even as a stand-alone project, decluttering can make a huge improvement in your home because it eliminates the visual clutter and makes cleaning much easier.


Repaint the wall, ceiling, and trim with the same color or tone

To achieve a smooth finish when painting, make sure that you scrape off all the peeling paint. In general, you don’t need to remove all paint, just the problem spots where the color has been compromised. 


To create a unified, airy look, paint the walls, trim, and ceiling using one color, although you can play around with texture and glossiness. For instance, the trim can appear slightly glossier than the wall and ceiling. 


By using a simple color palette as a background, more vibrant colors, such as your navy blue sofa or a scarlet door, can pop and act as the focal point.  


Let in the natural light 

Letting in the natural light can make any room feel airy and welcoming. Hence, you may even consider ditching your drapes altogether if your window is facing a private yard, or use sheer curtains paired with full-length panels if you want to keep some privacy.  


Opt for light colors that won’t fade and lightweight fabrics such as linen, silk blends, and cotton. 


You may also want to place a mirror facing the window to reflect the light, creating a brighter, more welcoming space. 


Choose the correct rug size for your living room 

The rug should define the seating area, so the front two legs of your sofa and chairs should be resting on it at the bare minimum. By contrast, a rug that is too small for the living room can make the furniture look like they are “floating” and segmented from each other. 


Mix traditional and modern periods 

To achieve balance and cohesion, most designers recommend mixing traditional and modern furniture. However, while there is nothing wrong if you go for a full vintage look, your TV, desktop, and digital piano may end up sticking like a sore thumb. 


Mix warm and cool materials and different textures 

Have you seen a home that has an all-white ceiling, wall, and floor but still it manages to look warm and inviting? When the color palette is limited or subdued, it becomes even more important to use different textures and materials. 


A good rule of thumb is to combine different materials, such as concrete and iron, which are cold and fabric and wood, which are warm. 


Follow the 60-30-10 rule 

While the 60-30-10 is not a rigid rule in home interior design, this color guideline is almost a surefire way to create a more cohesive look. This means the 60% is the main color for the room (e.g., wall, ceiling, and large accent pieces like rugs and sofa), 30% is the secondary hue (e.g., accent chairs and painted furniture), and the remaining 10% is the accent color (e.g., throw pillows and knick-knacks). 


Raise your ceiling 

You don’t have to do a major renovation to raise your ceiling. You can do this through optical illusion–like hanging curtains higher than the windows, installing large vertical window panels, and leaning a tall mirror against a wall. 


Give new life to your fixtures 

Instead of buying new fixtures, why not spray paint them or improve them with inexpensive refinishing kits? For example, you can distress cookie-cutter wood furniture to give them more character or paint a 1970s chandelier with a bronze finish. 


Even a few coats of white paint can make an outdated kitchen cabinet look more modern without eliminating its quirky charm and personality. 


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