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What is a retirement mobile home community?

A retirement mobile home community offers benefits to residents, including affordable housing options, excellent facilities like walking trails and pools that promote an active lifestyle, and “accessible” street design. 


If you’re looking for a senior-friendly mobile home community that promotes an active yet relaxing lifestyle, visit Santiam Village South in Lebanon, Oregon. While mature pines surround this quaint neighborhood, you’d be surprised that it’s just a short drive away from local restaurants, major retailers and recreational parks. 


Aside from its stunning location, this mobile home park also offers senior-friendly amenities such as: 

  • Recreational center with communal kitchen
  • Billiards table
  • Local walking trails
  • City dog park
  • Common lawn space and landscaping


What are the benefits of living in a senior-friendly mobile home park?

One of the perks of retirement communities is the affordable but still excellent lifestyle. Not only are the mobile homes reasonably priced (even half the price of a traditional site-built house), the land lease is significantly lower compared to rental apartments in cities. 


According to a recent US Census Bureau report, the average retirement income is around $47,360 vs. the national average of approximately $56,310. In short, retirees need to find different ways to maximize their pensions and significantly cut down their expenses. Fortunately, moving into a mobile home community can go a long way in terms of budgeting. 


Additionally, the land lease already includes the community amenities and their maintenance.


And since senior-friendly mobile home communities cater to a specific age demographic, residents can always find like-minded people or those with the same values and priorities as theirs. As a result, it’s easy to organize community events in which they can participate. 


Because there is a large concentration of seniors, they can enjoy more socialization opportunities, positively impacting their mental health. According to studies, seniors are more vulnerable to loneliness and depression because of social disconnect, which a 55+ community can easily address. 


And since accessibility and “walkability” are at the heart of retirement mobile home communities, they usually allow parking on the street, much to the convenience of senior drivers. 


Where can I find a senior-friendly mobile home community?

If you’re looking for a new home in Lebanon, Oregon, why not begin your journey by checking Santiam Village South? Meanwhile, right beside this senior-friendly community lies Santiam Village North, which is an all-age mobile home park. 


The Santiam Village South lies next to Cheadles Lake and is surrounded by mature pine trees that give this neighborhood a relaxing vibe. Nevertheless, it is still close to recreational parks, local restaurants and retailers. 


You can check out some photos here or leave a message if you have questions about this quaint mobile home community that caters to retirees and their families. 


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